~ Short Term Doc Proposal ~

How do facial features of inter-racial parents, who self-identify as one race, manifest in their children? Are dominant facial features always expressed?

I will be working within the Visual Anthropology genre. Visual anthropology examines how aspects of culture can be pictorially or visually interpreted and expressed, and how images can be understood as artifacts of culture. Historical photographs, in particular, are seen as a source of ethnographic data, expanding our horizons beyond the reach of memory culture. This genre supports this question because it is the visual aspects of the facial features I will use to make comparisons.

This visual approach is imperative in my study because comparisons will be made of the facial features expressed in the inter-racial children. I will find three couples. Each member of the couple will be self identified as one race. There child will be a 50/50 representation of each race. The facial features that will be compared are the shape and size of the eyes, nose and mouth, the general shape of the face and the skin tone. I will act as an outside observer with no alignment to either of the parents in order to make an objective visual analysis.

The dominant facial feature will be expressed 100% of the time.

Identify three couples in which both partners self identifies as one race. Each couple must have a child. I will take medium format color studio portraits of each person in the family. The lighting will be the same and the frame will be a head shot, from the shoulders up. This will allow me to be able to study the features of the parents face and how they manifest in the child. The lighting set up will be one beauty dish to light the face, two background lights to light a white seamless backdrop. The image will be simple and clean. The face will be large and in the center of the frame with a white background. The medium format camera will be used in order for highest clarity of the facial features to be seen. Color film will be used so skin tones and color variations will be noticeable. The images will be printed on 11×17 archival quality photo paper and will be presented as triptychs. One the left will be the mother, in the center will be the child and on the right will be the father.

~ by kainazamaria on April 4, 2007.

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  1. Kainaz – I love your photos, and the stories they tell.. we miss you here in the bay too!! Interested in taking some pics of Japanese/Pakistani offspring? hahaa, just kidding.

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