~ Inter-racial Portraits Beta ~

Inter-racial Portraits Beta

This short term doc project is something I have had in my head for almost four years now. I took this image in September 2003. These are the Kyzogi Twins, Matt and Steven. Their mother is Caucasian American and their father is Japanese. When I first saw them my mouth dropped. They have gorgeous red curly hair, freckles and dark almond shaped eyes. My interest in Inter-racial portraits truly began while I was in a relationship with an Afro-Carribean man born and raised in London. I always wondered if we had kids what they would look like. This project is really close to my heart and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to actually work on it. Now, if only I could fly in the Kyzogi Family!

~ by kainazamaria on April 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “~ Inter-racial Portraits Beta ~”

  1. Love this picture. Was I there for this? I definitely never saw the photo, which is incredible! It looks like it couldn’t really be. Or like some kind of digital work up. But no, just the beautiful people and places of Foster City!

  2. Yes sarah, you were very much a part of this. Remember we tried to set up the lights in my livingroom and it didn’t work, so we went out on the lagoon. Good times!

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