~ Sweet Nebraska ~

Manuel de la Torre, on the bass fiddle, plays alongside members of the Little Brown Jug Band. The 2007 Stransky Park Concert Series hosted the Little Brown Jug Band, on June 29th. The old-time sting band entertained locals as free sno-cones, popcorn and lemonade were enjoyed by children and parents alike. (Kainaz Amaria/Lincoln Journal Star)

Parks Coble, left, stretches after a run with fellow marathoners Karyn Maxey, center, and Jayne Snyder, right. Coble, 61, has run 72 marathons including at least one in every state and Washington, D.C. Maxey and Snyder are have also run between 25-30 marathons a piece. (Kainaz Amaria/Journal Star)

Murphy, Debbie’s dog, sits next to Elsje Pienaar, 23, a dressage student just before her riding lesson. Debbie Sedlacek runs The Peaceable Kingdom, located at 6701 South Folsom Street, where she teaches dressage and other life lessons. (Kainaz Amaria/Lincoln Journal Star)

A Volkswagen Beetle for sale is decorated with a chicken a block away from Wayne’s Main Street. The 27th Annual Wayne Chicken Show, held in Wayne, NE, hosts a number of comical chicken events such as the World’s Largest Chicken Dance, the Cement Chicken Auction and the National Cluck-off. (Kainaz Amaria/Lincoln Journal Star)

Passengers on the Union Pacific Steam Locomotive No. 844 sit by the picture window in the rear of the train. The Locomotive is on it’s Midwest Corn Belt Rocket Heritage Tour and passed by Marysville, Kansas on it’s way to Fairbury, Nebraska. (Kainaz Amaria/Lincoln Journal Star)

~ by kainazamaria on July 21, 2007.

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