About Kainaz Amaria

Kainaz Amaria, photojournalist & multimedia producer

Kainaz holds a B.A. in international relations and political science from Boston University and an M.A. in photography from the School of Visual Communication, Ohio University.

She briefly worked as a staff photographer/intern for community newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area including The Menlo Park Almanac, The Daily News and The Palo Alto Weekly. She has completed photographic and political internships at the Journal Star in Lincoln, Neb., at Ed Kashi’s Studio in San Francisco, Calif., at the House of Commons in London, England in the office of Member of Parliament Mr. Austin Mitchell, and at Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s office in Boston, M.A.

She was a photography intern at US News & World Report Summer 2008 and at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida 2009. Kainaz is currently on a Fulbright Scholarship in Mumbai, India and is available for freelance assignments. Please contact her at +91 9004217775.


One Response to “About Kainaz Amaria”

  1. Kainaz , Just found the pictures you took at Cam Ohio mine in Cadiz , I was the crew leader of crew and was trying to find out how to get in touch with you to see the pictures Is there any way you could email me the pictures , It would make a nice Christmas gift for the guys Thanks Steve McGee

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