~ Inaugural Concert at Lincoln Memorial ~

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The St. Petersburg Times sent me to the Inauguration in Washington D.C. mostly to do multimedia but I also got the A-1 front of  Monday Jan. 19th’s paper. I attend the inaugural concert held at the Lincoln Memorial. In the massive crowd, I spotted a woman clutching her husband as a single tear fell down her face. The couple was intently listening to soon-to-be President Obama address the audience.  I spoke with Patricia and Chris Humphries, who have been married for 29 years,  and asked them why they were so emotional in that moment.  Chris said, “When we started dating, interracial couples were not that popular…Today is living proof that all different people can come together.” Click on the image to see a multimedia piece capturing the spirit of that day.



~ Testing Grounds: Our medicine at what cost? ~

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A special report by the St. Petersburg Times on the booming drug testing industry in India.  I produced the video piece in the package. It’s a great story and well worth your time.

Testing Grounds

~ One Voice ~

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The St. Petersburg Times has a great photo column called One Voice: People from our community in their own words.  Photographers find and write the stories; you get one frame and a few paragraphs. Here’s my first contribution to the column.

Another inspired soul

by Kainaz Amaria Times Staff Photographer

Daryle Burch, 58, walked out of the Hillsborough County jail about six months ago with no money and a fistful of drawings he penciled while serving time. He drifted into the College Hill neighborhood of Tampa and now shares a narrow abandoned porch with three other men.

Daryle Burch, right, looks into the distance from the front of the barbershop belonging to Abdur-Rahim "Max" Abdullah, left.  Abdullah's son, Waleed McFarland, center, also works there.  Max commissioned Burch to paint the Obama mural.

Daryle Burch, right, looks into the distance from the front of the barbershop belonging to Abdur-Rahim "Max" Abdullah, left. Max commissioned Burch to paint the Obama mural.

It began when Daryle Burch took a break from painting a business on E Martin Luther King Boulevard. He saw a Barack Obama campaign flier and noticed Obama’s skin tone matched a nearby convenience store wall. Inspiration met opportunity. In 30 minutes he was done. He had painted Obama’s face on the store’s side wall. The impressed owner asked for another Obama on the front. Then barber Abdur-Rahim “Max” Abdullah, whose shop is nearby, commissioned a mural for his building. He wanted Obama getting a hair cut. The story in Daryle’s words:

I told Max that I can paint your face in there, and he said “great.” I bummed a smoke off a homeless guy recently and he said to me, “Ain’t no reason you don’t have a pocket full of money, because you can draw.” I have a beer every hour or two. It keeps my hands from shaking. If I regret anything, it’s that I started drinking at 15. It took me out of my shell. I was a bashful kid. I’m just kind of drifting now. I don’t know what tomorrow holds…You got a job for me?

~ Living History gets Mused! ~

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MultimediaMuse, a killer new site championing multimedia, reviews my piece on the Florida elections.

Living History gets Mused!

~ Living History ~

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Just finished my first multimedia piece for the St. Petersburg Times.  It was a self-assigned piece on the elections in Tampa, Florida.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Cheers!

Living History

~ Spot the Photographer ~

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Last assignment at US News was a historic day for our country.  Chaos ensued on the Hill as the House voted against the $700 billion bailout.  I learned a lot working in D.C. around such talented photographers.  The best moments came between the mayhem, in the down times when photographers would tell stories about previous administrations and historic events.  I have a greater appreciation for those that can make eloquent images amongst the madness.  D.C. photographers have the hustle and the heart, there is no doubt about that! (Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

~ hello goodbye ~

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A photo essay I worked on for US News & World Report on airports.  Am I the only one that still loves going to airports?  Who still watches in awe when a plane takes flight?  Movement, lights, color, reflections, people…I hope you enjoy the images and your next flight wherever that may be…